Is Your Money Safe

In the past people would hide their money all over the house because they didn’t trust banks. The way banks have been behaving lately, we may have to go back to doing this. The government might not bail the banks out the next time they get in trouble. What will you do?

You know what happened in Greece. Citizens were denied access to their own money. That is their own hard earned money that they personally deposited into the bank. When they wanted to withdraw some funds, the bank simply said no. After a while they were allowed to withdraw a limited amount. This is just not right. It is your money. What gives the bank the right to deny you access to your money?

Of course, this probably hasn’t happened to you yet, but what guarantee do you have that it won’t happen in the future? What would you do if this happened right when you needed money from your gold ira rollover? What if there is no money left in your IRA? What would you do if the government decides to cancel all IRAs completely?

You would be up the famous creek without a paddle. You will be broke. Even if you happen to have stocks and bonds, they will most likely be worthless too. The only investment that is safe is something real, like gold. Gold in ira is very safe. Even though prices fluctuate, it is still the best type of investment of all time.
Protect Your Money

Why not protect your money by converting your IRA into gold? When you invest in gold, you have a solid investment for your future. Banks won’t be able to limit the amount of gold you withdraw. In fact, you don’t even have to keep your gold in the bank at all. You can keep it in your own personal safe at home or in one of those security companies.
At any time you can cash in as much of your gold as you need. Need a new roof? Maybe your car broke down? Maybe you just need money for a well deserved vacation? Whatever you need money for, your gold will always be there when you need it. You can’t say this about any other type of investment, not